Hi, I'm Sharron. I'm a psychotherapist based in London, working with people online. 

"When people seek help from a therapist, it's usually when things are getting out of control. Don't wait until it's too late; solutions are easier to find than you think."

I began using an online platform for psychotherapy & counselling 13 years ago while working in  remote regions of the world. The success rate was a revelation to me; it was both modern and effective and I loved it. I've worked online ever since.


My approach draws on an eclectic therapeutic mixture of CBT, psycho-dynamic, transpersonal and humanistic styles, depending on who my client is and what they are struggling with.

I specialise in anxiety related trauma but being a senior psychotherapist of 20 years experience, I can help people work through and overcome a wide range of  concerns including: 

  • stress

  • anxiety

  • grief

  • depression

  • low self-esteem

  • panic

  • phobia  

  • relationship breakdown.


​My practice is for everyone, everywhere and especially welcomes members of the LBGTQA+ community.




Online Psychotherapy

  •  Convenient for people with impossible schedules who need support  but can't meet physical appointments. 

  • Enabling for people who are social distancing and either working from home, or working in remotely isolated environments.  

  • Bridging-the-gap that once prevented people with physical mobility problems or debilitating phobias from seeking help. 


Online psychotherapy is a sign of our times. It is safe, flexible and effective, plus it's affordable because it keeps prices down by saving travel-time and consulting fees. All you need for this more versatile and less intimidating form of psychotherapy is an Internet connection, a private space, and the device of your choice. 










Psychotherapy helps you work out new ways of approaching situations that you find difficult, as well as exploring new methods to help you cope with ongoing and challenging situations. By developing a trusting relationship with your psychotherapist, you are able to explore the more complex layers and talk through long-standing problems. It is a longer journey and may last several months or, in some cases, more than a year.

Brief solution focused therapy is more like mentoring. This brief therapy is an approach to psychotherapy based on solution-building rather than problem-solving. It explores current resources and future hopes rather than present problems and past causes. Coping strategies and helpful techniques to help you manage are identified and typically it usually involves up to six sessions.

CBT is used to great effect for the treatment of phobia, anxiety, stress and trauma. CBT aims to help people become aware of their negative interpretations and irrational thoughts that fuel unhelpful patterns of behaviour. CBT helps people to develop alternative ways of thinking and behaving through a process of evaluation, homework and exposure therapy to reduce psychological distress.



Choosing the right psychotherapist  can be a daunting prospect. I offer a complementary telephone assessment session for potential clients to get a better sense of therapy options on offer and a chance to ask questions and clear up any concerns. My availability is flexible and I never commit to more than four clients per day to ensure the quality of my work is focused and fresh.



12 Week


20 week 



one session


£65/ session




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